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Are your products effective against COVID-19?

Yes, we are! GK Surface™, GK Air™ and GK Concentrate™ have been scientifically proven to be more than 99.9% effective in inactivating the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

The US EPA Product Performance Test Guideline OCSPP 810.2200 prescribes that virucidal claims should meet the performance standard associated with the method at ≤10 minutes of contact with the subject virus. Vance Chemicals subjected our products for testing against an actual SARS-Cov-2 strain identified as “Isolate USA-WA1/2020”. The “Isolate USA-WA1/2020” strain was isolated from an oropharyngeal swab of a COVID-19 patient in the USA. To ensure the testing adhered to internationally-accepted protocols, the US EPA product performance test guideline ASTM E1053 (2) – Standard Practice to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental Surfaces, was implemented by a certified US laboratory.

The result: All 3 products, GK Surface™, GK Air™ and GK Concentrate™ demonstrate efficacy based on the US EPA passing criteria requirement of at least 3 log10 reduction of SARS-Cov-2. Our flagship product, GK Surface™ recorded shortest possible time limit of 1 minute to achieve >99.9% inactivation under this internationally-accepted benchmark test.

Do your products leave a self-disinfecting coating?

The key ingredient used in the GK-GermKiller® disinfectants (Quats) leaves a film of antimircrobial protection after use. GK-GermKiller® disinfectants are stable in the environment and able to kill virus quickly once on contact which would prevent virus spread via contaminated surfaces even if the virus is repetitively deposited onto the surface as tested based on ASTM E1053 Standard Practice to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental Surfaces. However, we do not call our product a self-disinfecting coating as it is not a dry film and it is hard to predict the period of protection if the environmental factors are not constant.

According to NEA’s Technical Guidance on the Testing of Self-Disinfecting Surface Coatings against SARS-CoV-2, many products do not come with robust scientific evidence for their claims, due to the lack of a standard in the market for these “new breed” of products. Therefore, we consider most of such claims to be marketing gimmicks, misleading consumers to believe that a one-time application of the coating is sufficient to protect surfaces from being tainted by viruses or bacteria for along period of time even with unpredicatable environmental factors like temperature, humidity, dirt and frequency of touch. In fine print, self-disinfecting coating manufacturers actually state that coated surfaces still has to be cleaned daily. And according to NEA, they have not received any data to support claims of long-lasting effect of surface coats against coronaviruses as stated in the Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Surface Disinfection of the COVID-19 Virus.

Can I use GK Air like a normal air freshener?

Yes, you can. Unlike most air fresheners, GK Air™ eliminates odour-causing bacteria, instead of masking the smells with strong fragrances. You will get fresh air almost instantly!

Are your products safe to skin? Can people with sensitive skin use them?

GK-GermKiller® GK Hand Sanitiser is meant to disinfect the skin. It is neither a skin and eye irritant nor a skin sensitiser. The other GK-GermKiller® products meant for the surface are mainly water-based with a pH value of 7 (neutral) and with proper usage according to directions on the label, people with sensitive skin can use the products worry-free. They are formulated to be suitable for frequent use.

Based on our track records in supplying to the childcare centres, hospitals and consumers, including pet-owners, GK-GermKiller® products can be used in the presence of young children, elderly and even pets!

What is so special about GK products compared to other dsinfectants?

There are hundreds and hundreds of disinfectants across the world and some would probably have the same active ingredient as ours. But what makes GK-GermKiller® Products so special is how it was formulated with integrity. It was developed by experienced people with families who aimed to produce something would effectively protect their loved ones without the harsh ingredients that can harm them.

GK-GermKiller® Products are water-based disinfectants which are tested in the best labs to assure that we can stand to what we claim. It is manufactured in Singapore where best industry practice is promoted so you can count on that this is the best choice for your family.

Can I use GK Surface Wipes like the normal wet wipes?

Yes, you can use GK Surface™ Wipes to clean and disinfect surfaces.

There are 3 types of Hand Sanitisers. Which one should I buy?

We have 3 different variations of Hand Sanitisers for your selection:
1. Alcohol-based gel (pink in colour)
For users who still prefer an alchohol-based hand sanitiser, but uniquely formulated to be less drying and non-sticky.
2. Water-based gel (colourless)
For users who want a water-based option, especially those with drier or more sensitive hands. Choose this if you like to dispense your hand sanitiser by pump or squeeze methods.
3. Water-based liquid (colourless)
For users who want a water-based option and prefers a fine mist coverage for the hands. This option comes in a spray bottle, allowing you to dispense the hand sanitiser quickly and easily. Very useful if you have many little hands to sanitise at one go.

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