About Us

You might know us as paranoid, for wiping down every public surface we come in contact with.

You might know us as clean freaks, who want our surroundings to be germ-free.

To that we say, “Yes we are!”

We are a Singapore-based manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in producing industrial chemicals for both local and global markets.  Our formulas are created through extensive in-house research and development with a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements.  We pride ourselves in developing and producing effective and competitive solutions to our clients, using reliable and sustainable resources.

We make full use of our many decades worth of technical expertise in the chemicals industry to formulate safe, effective and user-friendly solutions for household use.  Unlike other market brands whose ingredients and claims are dubious and misleading, we aim to be a transparent and trustworthy brand to protect our loved ones and yours. We know what are going into our formulas, so we trust what we use to keep our loved ones safe.

That’s how we’ve developed our very own range of family disinfectants, GK-GermKiller®

Our brand mission is to have Something for Everything you need, towards a Cleaner, Safer and Better tomorrow.

Each GK-GermKiller® product features a water-based formula that caters to its specific area of target. These formulas are suitable for daily use, while remaining uncompromisingly effective.

GK-GermKiller® uses quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATS) as its main active ingredient in a carefully formulated blend.

The GK-GermKiller® brand first began as a standalone product under the Mr Mckenic brand. “The Germ Killer” was initially born to effectively combat the SARS pandemic in 2003, but our dream was always much bigger. 

At that point of time, bleach was the most commonly used disinfecting agent, despite its corrosive properties and pungent smell. Aside from that, there were little to no effective alternatives.

Thus “The Germ Killer” was developed.

We soon realised that many shared in our vision, and found ourselves with partners and customers from transportation, hospitality, childcare, private hospitals, airlines and more.

In 2012, after nearly a decade of warring against viruses and bacteria, we found ourselves faced with the opportunity to provide a greater level of protection. Although our initial mission was for “The Germ Killer” to eliminate germs simply on surfaces, there was a need for “The Germ Killer” in every thinkable space.

From there, the “GK-GermKiller®” brand was formed, featuring water-based disinfectants formulated for its specific area of target.

Today, our dream of killing germs & bacteria in a formula that is suitable for frequent use, inexpensive and yet uncompromisingly effective still continues. The GK-GermKiller® has Something For Everything you need, towards a Cleaner, Safer and Better tomorrow.

Our core values are the guiding principles at the heart of everything we do and they have helped to establish the unwavering trust our customers have in the GK-GermKiller® brand name.


Product and Service Excellence:
We are a professional company dedicated to providing superior quality products and service. Our highly dedicated and knowledgeable Sales Team is always at hand to serve the needs of our customers and to provide solutions.

Leading Edge Innovation:
We continually strive to improve our existing products to offer the best formulations to our customers and create new advanced solutions that are on the crest of market demand. Our in-house R&D team capitalises on the strong technical and proprietary knowledge that has been built over a decade to stay ahead of competition.

We conduct ourselves honestly, with integrity and ethically in all aspects of our business. Our goal is to build long-term sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders.

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